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Why Medium Hairstyles 2019 are the Hottest Thing to Happen to Hair

Are you torn between chopping off your hair and letting it grow? Not sure what style of hair will work best for all seasons and all occasions? How about a cut mid length cut? Medium hairstyles 2019 are paving the way for dozens of hot looks for medium length hair!
A mid to shoulder-length cut is the perfect compromise for those who can’t decide between a short and sassy look or long luscious locks. Get redirected here for some of the hottest looks for medium length hair for 2019!

Medium Hairstyles 2019 Are All The Rage

One of the best things about hairstyles in 2019 is that anything goes! You can chop off your hair into a super short pixie, rock a side shave, sport an edgy asymmetrical cut or let your hair grow as long as you like (within reason of course!).

However, not all women want super short hair. Nor do they want to spend their time styling extra long locks. So why not go for one of the hot new medium hairstyles 2019 for the win?

Pros of Medium Hairstyles 2019

Here are some reasons why medium hairstyles 2019 are the perfect choice for women of all ages!

  1. Shoulder length cuts still leave plenty of room for styling.
  2. You can still pull your hair up with a mid length cut.
  3. A medium length hairstyle is an ideal way to remove some weight from thick hair to bring it back to life.
  4. Mid length cuts are a great way to add some bounce and volume to thin or fine hair.
  5. Medium hairstyles with layers will add more volume and texture to straight hair.
  6. Mid length cuts will add some life to your curls or waves.
  7. Medium length hairstyles do not get knotted or tangled as much as longer hair.
  8. Medium length cuts do not have to be trimmed as frequently as a short bob or pixie cut.
  9. Shoulder length hair is the perfect canvas for fun color options such as highlights, balyage or ombre tones.
  10. There are tons of ways to accessorise medium hairstyles 2019 sch as head scarves, hair clips, hair bands, headscarves and so forth!
  11. You can use less product.
  12. You won’t have to wash your hair as often.
  13. Your hair will dry much faster.
  14. Medium length hair has a ton of sex appeal.
  15. It will flatter every hair texture.
  16. Mid length cuts work great with any factual structure and will highlight your face

Styles for Medium Hair

Here is a list of some ways to style your shoulder-length tresses!

  1. Ponytail
  2. Pigtails
  3. Space buns
  4. Chignons
  5. Half up/Half Down Updo
  6. Braids
    • Milkmaid braid
    • Dutch braid
    • Box braid
    • French Braid
    • 3 or 4 strand braid
    • Waterfall braid
    • Rope braid
    • Reverse braid
  7. Sexy beach waves
  8. Shoulder length bob
  9. Asymmetrical Bob
  10. Long loose curls
  11. Shaggy Mid length Cut
  12. Layered Medium Hairstyle

And one of the best things about medium hairstyles 2019 is that you can opt for bangs or no bangs. You can get side swept bangs, blunt bangs, baby bangs, choppy bangs….anything your heart desires. There are hundreds of looks of mid length locks so what are you waiting for?

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Why Medium Hairstyles 2019 are the Hottest Thing to Happen to Hair

by Ervin Lázár

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