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Contributing to Professional and Peer-reviewed Publications

In the healthcare industry, the success and knowledge of numerous medical and dental practices rely on how well practitioners share information with each other. While medical professionals undergo extensive training in college, they also learn much of what they know with hands-on experience treating patients.

These discoveries often change the paths of numerous healthcare industries including dentistry. By contributing to publications like trade magazines, newspapers, and a journal of dental implantology, you can share what you know with your peers and possibly transform the future of the industry in which you practice.

Revealing What You Know

During the years you have been practicing as a dentist, you may have discovered or perfected a number of unique ways to treat patients. You did not learn these techniques in college. Instead, you uncovered these methods entirely on your own and may not know if anyone else in your industry is even aware of them.

You can share your knowledge of how to treat patients with your peers by writing for the publications for your industry. This peer-reviewed publication is available in both print and online versions. It comes out on a regular basis so you and others in your industry always have the most updated information at your disposal.

When you are serious about sending in your contributions to the journal, however, it is important that you follow the required editorial guidelines. The guidelines ensure that your article is readable and makes sense. They also help you avoid mistakes in your grammar and spelling that could embarrass you in front of your fellow dentists.

By contributing to this publication, you avoid having to present papers or research at professional conferences. More people in your industry may have access to the journal than would attend the conferences, in fact. You get full credit for the information in the article so others will know of your skill and experience. Your article will be peer-reviewed for clarity and to ensure that it genuinely progresses the future of the entire dental profession.

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Contributing to Professional and Peer-reviewed Publications

by Ervin Lázár

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